The legend of Phalaenopsis

A long, long time ago, in a mountain that was so beautiful in the world, there was a quiet valley, and there was a quiet pool of clear water in the empty valley. One day, a lonely butterfly was attracted by the delicacy of the mountains. Unconsciously, it came to this empty valley. Immediately, she was intoxicated by the peerless tenderness, the ancient charm, and the secluded clear water and the loneliness of being isolated from the world! "Finally found my dream," Butterfly said in her heart, "This is the empty valley that I have been looking for for thousands of years."

So, on a starry night, when a beautiful meteor streaked across the sky, Butterfly made the only wish in her life: when the golden wind rises, the white dew is approaching, and the butterfly turns into dust At the moment, I hope that the love of thousands of years can become the seed of life and spread all over the empty valley.

Meteor draws a graceful arc, returning to the void.

When the mountain flowers bloom in the coming year, a valley of purple orchids - Phalaenopsis really sprouts in the empty valley!

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